Digital Terrestrial Distribution

Over the years, Media Link assisted its clients in finding a home in most local metro markets around the United States. We have managed to secure several SD and HD digital terrestrial television channels in key markets such as Washington, DC, Chicago & Los Angeles.

Gain Access to More than 35M Households

We are able to reach most of the US’s Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT). It can be complex, but we make it easy for our customers to access Digital Terrestrial Television without having to go through the complexities of licensing, setup and delivery. We have made it simple enough to where this continues to be a very interesting slice of the television industry for major broadcasters such as ABC, NBS, Fox, CBS in reaching viewers via terrestrial free-to-air TV service.

Technology Know How Made Simple

We like to make technology accessible. That’s why our approach is simple: one fee covers access to the platform, as well as all of the transmission costs. We’ll also help you secure key spots in key market spectrums; reaching audience with a touch of a button across several cities and metro areas. We are talking about New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles and more.

Quality of Service and Performance

A fully managed service with outstanding availability and resilience sits at the core of our TV streaming offering. And it’s built on an impressive DTT multiplexing, distribution and transmission capability from 96 sites across the Unites States and territories.