Online Video Solution

Statistics show that more and more people are watching videos online, on a wide variety of devices. This is a growing area driven by viewer needs to watch video where and when they want to, “TV on Demand”. Viewers want to have an engaging experience in an age of instant accessibility. Broadcasters and content owners need to provide this online video offering.

This presents new business models for monetization through subscriptions and advertising opportunities as well as saving time and money to reach new audiences in many different locations.

Media Link offers full online video solution including:

  • Delivery of content for both broadcast or online video audiences
  • CMS – to manage your content easily and effectively
  • VOD services – to get your content watched when viewers want to
  • Branded platforms – promote your content with a dedicated online video platform
  • Multi-screen delivery – content delivered and optimized to a wide variety of devices
  • Connected devices applications – building applications to watch video on connected devices
  • Web video portal – create portals with a wide variety of monetization options
  • Viewer measurement tools/analytics – tools to make better business decisions

Our team of video and graphic experts tailors the content for an optimized viewing experience on every sized screen. We ensure that the content remains compelling, whether it’s being viewed on a 4-inch phone or a 60-inch screen. From compression to quality of service, we ensure that the experience is always the best it can be – whether content is streamed or downloaded. We also work with a number of DRM systems to protect content, ensuring that viewers pay for what they watch.