IPTV/OTT Solutions

Media Link Television has teamed up key players in the industry to deliver global IPTV/OTT product to users around the world.  

Media Link Television currently operating 375 plus channels in more than 10 different languages that deliver leading programming from countries of origin, servicing the following communities: Arabic, English, Kurdish, Assyrian, Persian, Afghani, Armenian, German, Polish, Greek and more. Our platform was launched in 2009 in North America where today it services thousands of users and hundreds of broadcasters on all ends of the globe.

Whether you are looking for an OEM/White Label IPTV-OTT Solution or and end to end pre-existent platform placement, our distribution platform distributes live and recorded SD/HD content without jeopardizing quality.

It delivers high quality video and audio to the subscriber's home, business or handheld device using their existing high speed internet connection. The IPTV platform can be used to deliver streaming video and audio or broadcast television to any platform or media device. The combination of our encoding technology, streaming media server and set-top-box or decoder, offers a compelling end-to-end Solution

Please feel free to contact us about this unique product and learn how you can maximize your reach with cost effective IPTV/OTT Solutions.

We offer Services on:

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Computer
  • Television

Platform includes:

  • Local time & weather report
  • Electronic program guide or what’s known as (EPG)
  • Video on demand (VOD)
  • Minimum 1.5mbps required
  • Secure & reliable encrypted delivery system
  • Quick & easy self-installation
  • Timely, reliable & cost efficient
  • 1080p HD video
  • Wireless & wired connection
  • Works with virtually any TV or handheld device